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Miss Cassidy is a cuckoldress. Yes, it's just as it sounds. Miss Cassidy's love of sex, and of well endowed men, is so insatiable, she can never commit to just one man. But she also enjoys sharing this love of cocks with one special man - her cuckold. Miss Cassidy and her cuckold spend hours each day planning her evenings of screwing well endowed men. And there is never a shortage of willing men with big huge cocks who are willing to indulge their perversion. During the day, Mr Cuckold sets the stage by selecting sexy lingerie for Miss Cassidy to wear for her big cock lovers. He lovingly draws a bath for her, washes and bathes her, wraps her in a fluffy robe and helps her make herself beautiful and desirable for her well endowed lovers. Miss Cassidy's cuckold sits patiently while he watches his Cuckold Mistress being pleasured by men who are bigger, stronger, more manly and better-endowed than he. But he doesn't sit in jealousy - he thoroughly enjoys his position as a cuckold, and when he is good, he even gets to help! Miss Cassidy and her studs allow her cuckold husband to perform fluffing duties - after all, what big cock stud would refuse oral service from any hot willing mouth? And when they're finally done, and Miss Cassidy has had her fill of screwing, her cuckold is allowed to perform creampie clean up duty, while the stud watches and laughs at the little cuckold man, cleaning up his mess. Call Miss Cassidy and hear more of her cuckolding adventures.

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